Remorse A Short Story

I was unhappy from the moment I opened my eyes that morning.That Friday morning; the morning the weather changed from miserable grey to uplifting gold. I wanted Wagnerian ‘Donner und Blitzen’ ; theatrical turmoil. I wanted the day to sulk it’s way to night.

‘Great day. Fancy a walk later, love?’

I didn’t bother answering you. I didn’t tell you, yes, I fancied a walk, but not with you…and not in sunshine. I wanted the weather to be the same as it was yesterday, and the day before yesterday, when I’d pushed against the wind and rain to make my way along the quay. I wanted to be alone; not with you; not with anyone. The only moving things I wanted to see were the torn posters on billboards, curling at the edges like last night’s kebab meat. I didn’t want the tourists, already loading their picnics into car boots all over the county, who headed here with the sun’s first rays.

The birds, nesting in the eaves, outside our window annoyed me. Feeding time; must still be early.

I felt the sun, already warm on my back, as I dressed. Knickers, bra, sweat shirt, jeans, a pair of socks _ yours, and my trainers. I knew I’d be too hot, but didn’t care. I grabbed a clip and tied back my hair. I didn’t wash.

Downstairs, you were eating toast. A puzzled look on your face.

‘Don’t ask.’ The only words I said to you that day, that Friday. I barged past you and through the door.

I stopped. Unsteady; as though the whole world had tilted on its axis. Uneasy; one of those moments, when for no reason at all, you know instinctively that the whole of your reality is about to shift.

But I didn’t know I’d never see you again.

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  1. thepianist1221

     /  April 2, 2013

    Hi, Eileen, you’ve got a creative mind, I say… and thanks for visiting my blog….

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