NaWriPoMO HalfTerm

NaWriPoMO  HalfTerm

Half Term

Behind our house
there is a swing over the river
A lath of wood on plaited string
above the gloomy green
in which we plunged.

We’d stand together and push
in looping arcs
until the moment came to launch
ourselves in space,
hand in hand, knowing

that soon, we’d be gasping,
bursting through the blackness,
giggling, shiny-eyed,
mud streaked faces spittled.

That day
I surfaced, trod water,
waited for you.
Trod water
until my cries frightened

nesting birds from trees,
brought parents running.
Staring at the empty swing
moving gently
like the tug and pull of the tide.



  1. Hi Eilleen. Makes me think of childhood thoughts. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Hotel’ Best Wishes. The Foureyd Poet.

    • Thank you! Somebody else said it took them straight back to childhood as well. So nice of you to comment.

  2. Thank you! Very new so still finding my feet. Comments mean a lot! Look forward to reading more of your writing 🙂

  3. Enjoyed this poem! Took me straight back to my childhood 🙂 Love the header quote – it says exactly what I feel!

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