NaPoWriMo Estrangement

Medicine Drug Pills on Plate

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One of the worst things I found after relationships broke down was the sudden lack of contact with people I’d learned to care for in my life. (Ex’s parents and family etc.)




I imagine you laid, low and pallid
against harshly starched white sheets
in a room full of strangers
tended by perfunctory hands.
Not knowing I care.
I saw the card he sent you,
coldly omitting my name.
I should have spoken out, but
words won’t erase pain
left by bitterness.
Let it be enough, I know I care

though you’re unaware.






  1. salsachica

     /  April 21, 2013

    It’s the people that you’ve grown to care about and suddenly lost that you miss more rather than the person that you broke up with

    • Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. Thank you for commenting, it’s nice to know I’ve struck a chord 🙂

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