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    Struggling, insomniac writer, professional worrier, expert prevaricator...finally taking a huge leap into the unknown; wordpress...currently reading too much and writing too little, loves the feel and smell of old books and the ease of an ereader, loves writing, but hasn't for a long time. (Not very technically minded so please bear with me in developing this blog) Would a list of loves tell you more about me? Smells: fresh cut grass, linen dried outside, book shops - old and new, fresh ground coffee, fresh baked bread, my grandchildren, furniture wax, Arpege, newsprint, the beach in the rain, bars with books, cigar smoke. Sounds: lawnmovers in the distance on a warm day, letters dropping on my mat, unexpected knocks on the door, kids playing in the distance, blues music...well, actually all music, Radio 4 and Radio4Extra. Hates: hypocrisy, hurting people, grey days, cold, social division, eye clinics, boybands, rats

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NaPoWriMo Tiny Things (Remind Me)

English: Magnifying glass renderered with unre...

Rainbow fish sugar cookie.

Rainbow fish sugar cookie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tiny Things

I remember
when I got a miniscule splinter,
you tweezed it, made it go away.
How you sat me on a rug outside,
made fragile necklaces from daisies,
pierced the stems to make them link,
placed the chains gently round my neck.
When my butter-fingers tore them
I watched you comb the lawn
seeking magic four-leafed clovers
for me to make a secret wish.

And, when I was six,
how you sat at night sewing sequins,
like rainbow fish scales, on a dress,
you made from one of yours.

Now, watching you reach
for the magnifying glass

I still remember







  1. You tell stories through your poems! Poignant! If this is you struggling to write…I cannot begin to imagine how great that novel will be when finished 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. Dave

     /  April 23, 2013

    What is NaPoWriMo? I’ve seen that term a lot lately!

    • National Poetry Writing Month. A poem a day! I thought I’d join in although I’m not very good at poetry – as you’ve probably seen. lol. – but apart from a few short stories I’m struggling to write anything decent at the moment. I would like to say I write fiction and I’m working quite seriously on a novel at the moment which I haven’t posted on here. I shall visit your blog soon. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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