Flash Fiction Wasted

Amsterdam Arena from the air

Amsterdam Arena from the air (Photo credit: Erwyn van der Meer)







Can’t see…

Make a wish!  Broken bucket sand castles.  It’s a gooaaaaaaaaal!  Girls are stupid.  I hate school, mum.  Kissing’s wet.  Go on, down in one.  ‘L’ plates.  She loves me!  No, you were amazing.  Passed first time!  Happy millennium, darling.  Marry me?  Amsterdam rocks.  My beautiful bride.  Seychelles sunsets.  Sex on the beach.  I’m so happy.  It’s a girl!  I’m so tired.  First new house.  Scary mortgage.  It’s a boy!  Office do, men only.  Huge row.  Should go home.  ‘One for the road?’  ‘Shouldn’t really…Go on then.’



‘We’ve lost him.  Stop now everyone.  Time of death please?’





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