Role Models NaPoWriMo

Morning Dew on Litter

Morning Dew on Litter (Photo credit: elycefeliz)


Role Models




My mother’s kitchen window overlooked

my father’s shed which made it rather hard

for each to treat the other as not there.

She’d slam pans on cupboard tops

he’d reply by banging nails;

conversations lasting hours.


When his lunch was on the table,

she’d open the door to let him know,

then sit out on the step with an ashtray

and twenty menthol cigarettes.

Thursday nights, she painted on her smile,

went out to meet the girls from work.


He’d venture indoors and stare around

like a tourist in a foreign land.

Precisely fifteen minutes before her return

he’d go back to his shed, sit in the dark,

waiting until her light went out.


To pass the time,

he gouged lumps

out of a piece of pine.






Switched Off


I see the shadows behind your eyes, brain buzzed blank with white noise.

I see a melted Dali mouth

drool pools on shirt front

with gobs of  food

fed carelessly.


I see cheeks glistening with snot

and tear stains. A flaccid

arm with clawed hand tapping
marking the passing of empty hours.


I see – like tree rings – piss stains
round your flies.


            I am unprepared

when you start to speak.


©theeditoffice 2013

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